I’ve been on a hunt, friends. 

For flat, sleek, skinny-calved, extra tall brown leather boots.  I looked on the internet (saks, neimans, barneys, nordstroms, macys, bloomies, piperlime, shopbop…oh the list goes on and I would bore you by continuing).  I looked in the stores.  I found a few I liked, but it was just never totally right.  Here are the problems I encountered:

  • Too big in the calf.  Not good.  Unless you’re Giselle Bundchen and they are Chloe boots that stand up by themselves and look awesome just because.  I like my boots snug in the calf for a slim look.
  • Too bulky in the foot.  Again, Not good.  I don’t want my feet to look like a size 13.  Men’s.  I’m going for a sleek feminine look in the toes.
  • Too short.  I don’t like mid-calf/mid-shin or “not quite to the bottom of my knee cap” boots.  I like them tall and lean to the knee, and I think it’s universally more flattering. 
  • Not leather.  So many great suede choices out there, but in SF where I expect to be rained on for the next several months, suede is just not a good option.
  • Too cheap/Too expensive.  I’ve found that my trendy less-than-$100 shoes have never lasted more than a season.  And there are a million other things I’d rather spend $1000+ on right now.  How about something in the $200-$300 range, please?

So, you’re probably thinking, get on with it and share the *^#@ boots!

Well, it’s on it’s way from New York and I’ll share pictures as soon as it arrives!  Stay tuned!