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Thursday Things 06

 A few thoughts on this Thanksgiving… We were in a car accident on the freeway (the other driver didn’t see that traffic in our lane was slowing to a stop and just blew into us, ripping the back corner of the car off!). It was a timely reminder for what’s truly important today on Thanksgiving […]

Thursday Things 05

 A few Thursday thoughts: At dinner last night Lucia asked, “mom and dad, how did you meet to get married?” Which was then followed by “how did you decide to get married?” and “where did you get married?” We never thought we would be having this conversation with her at 4 years old, but it was […]

Thursday Things 04

 There is nothing more calming than a beautiful sunset, and we’ve been lucky with some gorgeous ones lately. A few thoughts this week: My heart goes out to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. I just can’t imagine – I hope you and your families are safe. I loved the list of organizations that the The New York […]

Thursday Things 03

 Already Thursday?! Another week is flying by. Here’s what’s on my mind this week: Sometimes, I watch TV. GoT. I don’t even need to write it all out, right? I’m obsessed, but sad that it’s all coming to an end so quickly! My hubby read all of the books once we caught up to the […]

Thursday Things 02

 Good morning and happy Thursday! A few things this week: De-cluttering the household is always a “work-in-progress.” One of the best parts about moving was moving on from many of the unimportant things that we had accumulated over the years. Working hard to continue this “life after clutter” moment and hoping that it’s not a fleeting one, […]

Thursday Things

 Happy Thursday! Sharing some cheap thrills I’ve recently come across: This cover-up ($29), pictured above, has pretty texture and a lovely neckline. A lightweight poncho-cardigan ($19) in my fall-favorite shade of olive. It drapes nicely and looks expensive. Needed a quick fix for lighting on my desk, found this one ($29) and love how simple it is. […]