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Kauai (Three)

 During my first 24 hours in Kauai I managed to get bit by mosquitoes 4 times (and they swell – badly!). Then I found this at the local store and have not gotten a single bite after! So either I’m lucky (knock on wood), or it actually works… I’m optimistic that it works! We went […]


Good morning and happy Monday! I’ve been waiting patiently to pull this jumpsuit out of my closet and wear it in Hawaii – this outfit perfectly suits my vacation mood this time around. We spent the last several days on the south side of the island in Koloa. The trip started out on a full […]


 Aloha from Kauai! 24 hours in and 4 mosquito bites and counting. Not enough to stop me though, we’re doing our best to jump from beach to pool and back all day long. Happy Friday and hope you have a wonderful weekend! *** Dress (here – search for “McKenna” dress | also packed this denim jacket […]


 I can’t count the number of times I’ve featured trousers on this blog – and I would say a good majority of them are by Ann Taylor. They’re the best pair under $100 (and often less during a sale!). The ankle trouser is my favorite and this crosshatch pattern adds just the right amount of […]


 Good morning and happy Monday! I’ve received some questions on my make-up lately, so here’s a quick little update on my make-up from this post: this foundation (5.5), concealer (almond), a light liquid blush (#11), layering a powder blush, highlighter, eyebrows, eyeshadow (tisse essentiel), eyeliner, mascara and lipstick (neutral rose). PS: Lucia and I were […]

Mon Amie

 Today is March 8, 2018: International Women’s Day! The theme this year is: #PressforProgress, taking the strong global momentum for women’s equality (as seen with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements) and accelerating progress. I’m excited to be partnering with Mon Amie Watches, a brand that is supporting causes that impact women in important ways: Health: […]


  Good morning and happy Monday! I may have swapped my ‘camel-everything’ of last year to ‘blush-everything’ this year. It’s soft, feminine and an easy go-to neutral. How was your weekend? We managed to have the relaxed, do-nothing weekend that we were hoping for. Gearing up for another busy few weeks before heading off to our […]

Casual Friday

 Taking out this blazer for a more casual spin with my favorite vintage belt (from my mom’s closet!). It’s been a pretty rough few days solo with Lucia, a post-surgery Buffalo (our younger dog, nothing major thankfully!), work, blog and all of the above with travel thrown in the mix. I don’t know how I […]


 This is Mochi. She came into my life 15 years ago and went everywhere with me: classes, work, events, you name it. She comforted me through my heartbreaks, during my pregnancy glow, while I endured some stressful times at work as a new mom and (let’s be honest) she still cuddles me every night even […]


 Good morning and happy Monday! Just a subtle ruffle detail in an otherwise simple all-black outfit. I’m wearing my latest consignment find (love them, and love the more recent style here!) – my obsession with consignment shopping lives on, ha! Spent the weekend in Palm Springs to celebrate my cousin’s birthday – a whole lot […]

Work Rule #1

 Work Rule #1: Dress the part. One of the reasons I started my blog was to share ways that I “dressed the part” (or at least tried to). Back then, I was working in the medical device industry traveling around the country for conferences with surgeons, meetings with hospital administration and to help train sales […]

In Tahoe

 Good morning and happy Monday! We rented a big house in Tahoe (that sleeps 12!) for 4 families to stay the weekend together. Home cooked meals (by my friends – I was happy to enjoy their amazing meals and take on dishwashing duties, ha!), kids playing together, adults catching up and chatting around the fireplace… […]

My Day

Thank you to ACUVUE® Brand, for partnering with me on this post, and for covering my eye exam and initial supply of lenses.  Little known fact: I’ve been wearing contacts since the 6th grade. I couldn’t wear glasses for figure skating since my glasses could fly off at any moment while spinning (little known fact […]


 We got a little head start on Spring last week (70s and sunny!), just in time to finally seek out winter – we’re heading to Tahoe this weekend! Lucia first saw snow one morning in Kyoto, but it wasn’t nearly enough to build a snowman or have a snowball fight (that’s what she’s most excited […]


 Good morning and happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s an office day in the city – it’s a fun break compared to working from home. Plus I’ll be able to pop into a little shop to pick up some Valentine’s Day treats for Lucia before I head home. Did you know that 81% of all merchandise sold on […]


 Pulling out an old polo-style top after seeing a few styles catch my eye in new arrivals sections of stores I frequent (see below!). Have you been watching the Olympics? We have been glued to the TV watching athletes in all sports – always inspiring to watch. My favorite? Figure skating, of course! Hope you […]

The ‘M’ Word

 It’s been almost 3 months since we got rear-ended on the freeway and we finally have our car back from the repair shop. It is just a car but what it really is, is closure on a personal matter. Because on the very morning of the car accident, I had taken an at-home pregnancy test […]


 Monday, I’m ready for you! I took a pretty rare “weekend off” (never once sat down at my desk at home, and trust me that never happens!). Enjoyed baby shower celebrations with family (can’t wait to meet the baby – so excited for my cousin!), got to spend time with my sister and brother-in-law, had […]


 Right now I’m loving the look of a sleek narrow belt at the waist for coats. It’s an easy way to wear the same coat twice in one week while keeping it fresh and different. I last wore this coat open here. Excited for the weekend! Celebrating at my cousin’s baby shower – it will […]


 Because classic never fails. Finally getting back into the swing of things after a crazy nonstop week back home (always so much catching up to do!). Hope you’re having a nice week so far! *** Fuzzy cardigan (still available here) Sweater (bought it here) Jeans (here and here | new in charcoal here) Purse (bought it here | another on sale here in black; […]

Kyoto (Three)

 Good morning and happy Monday! A little delayed but I figured I’d tie this into my last outfit post from Kyoto. Here are my favorite things to do in Kyoto (I’ll share out my Tokyo favorites in my next post!), and below that, a few practical things you asked too (like transportation, lodging, etc!). My […]

Shea Butter

 Knowing that I was about to spend almost two winter weeks in the colder climates of Japan (comparatively speaking – but it did snow one night in Kyoto!) I brought along my most hydrating skincare from L’Occitane. I never board an airplane without my Shea Butter Hand Creme (and yes – I make sure Lucia […]

Times Up

 Good morning and happy Wednesday! I recently shared an instagram of Lucia and I with a quote that resonates with me: Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. A defining characteristic of a strong woman, in my mind, is the ability to stand up for what’s […]

Tokyo (Three)

 Good morning and happy Monday!! I’m back from Tokyo and back at it this Monday! Let’s see if I manage to not doze off this afternoon… The first night back was pretty rough, Lucia couldn’t sleep from 10pm til 1am so we’re all due for a good night’s rest tonight. I’m still processing all of […]

Blush and Black

 Good morning and happy Friday! Happy to have packed so many low-heeled and flat shoe options, we have been walking and taking the trains everywhere. These boots are just like the pump version I have, and both are equally comfy. PS: We went to the Grand Sumo Tournament the other day – what an experience! Can’t […]

Tokyo (One)

 In Tokyo again and we still can’t believe how much we absolutely love Japan – everything about it. Walking several miles every day and checking off activities on our list. I’ll be sure to recap everything after our trip! For now: happy Wednesday and thank you so much for visiting! *** Valentino cape (from last […]

Kyoto (Two)

 Bundled up for a brisk but sunny 30-degree day in Kyoto! We visited a few of the temples that we didn’t get to last time, including the Golden Temple, or Kinkaku-ji, and the Rock Garden at Ryoan-ji. Both stunning in their own ways: striking and majestic on one hand, and quiet and minimalistic on the […]

Kyoto (One)

 23 hours after waking up in San Francisco, we finally made it to Kyoto! And she is worth the wait, that’s for sure. On the list of things we hope to see this time (we crossed a lot off our list last year: see my posts from there: one, two, three, and four): Kikaku-ji (also […]


 Once sales have reached the “end-of-season” (where you can find things for 70% off or close to it!), I scour my favorite designers for amazing deals on classic work items like trousers, blouses and blazers. I found these Agnona trousers at 65% off and the fabric is stunning. A few more of the best investment […]

5 Things I Do for ‘Me’

This post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own. With each passing year, the days, weeks and months feel shorter… the list of required daily tasks grows longer… and moments of quiet calm seem rarer. Usually it’s because they’ve been filled with Lucia’s laughter […]


 Good morning and happy Saturday! I’m SO excited to be back in Japan soon, this weekend is all about prepping and packing for the trip! A few things I’m packing: Can’t go to a cold(ish) destination without packing some cheap but awesome layers. My go-to: these tops and these leggings. I also discovered this ultra […]


 Good morning! It’s my second post of the new year and probably as good a time as any to start thinking about a few personal goals for the year. Cliche, yes – but it can’t hurt, right? Though there is so much to be thankful for, 2017 was not my favorite year. Got rear-ended twice […]

Happy New Year!

 Happy, happy new year! Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for the year ahead. Thank you so, so much for stopping by and visiting – it means the world to me each and every day. xx Anh *** Turtleneck dress (here) Cardigan (similar here) Scarf (bought it on super sale last season […]


 Wearing my sale find Chanel heels that I shared on Instagram recently – such a lucky find, couldn’t believe it myself! We saw Coco over the weekend and absolutely loved it. Pretty rare for us to watch a movie in the theatres nowadays but really glad we made it out for that one. PS: A […]


 Good morning and happy Wednesday! Back at home today and still beaming from a wonderful Christmas holiday with family. We had our own 3-person family celebration once we got back from San Diego – late but worth the wait. Time to start thinking about the New Year, can’t believe its just a few days away! […]


 Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! Hope you’re having a great holiday with family and friends. *** Jacket (sold out online here but still available in some stores! | more fuzzy jacket styles: here, here and here) Sweater (here) Trousers (here) Heels (here in black) Purse (here | have loved it so much […]

Sock boot

 The holidays aren’t even through yet but I’ve got my eye farther out in the calendar into January for our trip to Japan! We weren’t satisfied with our last trip – we wanted so much more time there. So when we were thinking of destinations for our next vacation, it felt silly but we were compelled […]

Hook & Eye

 Good morning and happy Thursday! Back in my longtime favorite denim brand (my first pair of “designer” denim years ago!), 7 For All Mankind. I have always loved the fit and feel of their denim – especially the stretch (and because they don’t stretch-out!). Loving the hook & eye detail on this pair (will be […]


 Good morning! A 3-item holiday outfit under $170 – and major bonus that they’re all items that work separately after the holidays too. Win-win in my book! Hope you’re having a great week so far and thanks for visiting! PS: I got a lot of questions on this: the awesome mirror/coat hanger combo in my […]


 Letting you in on my little secret: I’m obsessed with the “Buy Online and Pick uUp in Store” feature at Nordstrom. I’ve even used their curbside pickup a few times too – when you need it, it’s there. And there’s usually no bigger time of need than during the holidays. Starting December 16th  through December […]

Faux Shearling

 Pairing a faux shearling jacket with workwear staples like trousers and a sleek turtleneck sweater. Excited about wearing this jacket with a casual travel outfit too, like joggers (these would do!), sneakers (my current favorites here) and a cashmere sweater (this one is 40% off and I love the distressing). Happy Monday! *** Jacket (I sized […]

Tick tock

 Counting down the days… and scrambling to get to everything on my to-do list before Christmas. I’m a “works well under-pressure” type of person, so deadlines are good. Christmas deadline: noted! PS: Topshop has been a favorite lately when it comes to coats – this coat is another one of my recent finds from the […]

Holiday Flats

 Good morning and happy Wednesday! I’m wearing a few new and prized additions to my closet after lusting after them for so long and finally, finally checking eBay for them: this Rochas skirt (still available in a few sizes) and these party-ready satin mules by Manolo Blahnik. Did you know that 81% of all merchandise sold […]

Faux Fur

 A first for me: I bought art online on consignment here. We have oil paintings on our walls by a favorite local artist in San Francisco but with more space now we have more walls too. So, as a Christmas present to myself, I picked out this piece. It arrived and I’m so excited – […]


 Good morning! This coat from Nordstrom is like the camel coat I’ve been wearing nonstop (last seen here) – such an amazing price for the quality (and will probably sell out just as quickly). The one I’m wearing today is is actually softer and thicker (in a good way!) and I’m obsessed with this combination of […]


 Good morning and happy Monday! I’d like you to meet someone special today: my gorgeous cousin Han (silly fact: our names are composed of the same three letters, scrambled!). We grew up together in the Bay Area having sleepovers, playing games, Barbie, you name it! And as we got into our teens, in college and […]

Tied Up

 Happy weekend!! When all else fails (or ideas are tapped out), beauty products are an easy go-to for presents. I’m still using the same brand mascara that my friend gifted me last year – she swears by it and I loved knowing that it was going to be a winner before even trying it (and […]

Holiday Suit

 Suited up for a holiday dinner with friends – one I’ll love breaking apart for different outfits (the blazer with jeans! the trousers with a sweater!). It’s from Sezane’s newest holiday collection, and here are more of my favorites: this sweater has a cute ribbon criss-crossing detail this blouse is festive but still serious enough […]

Moody florals

 With our holiday decorations finally up at home (new family tradition in place!), it’s really starting to feel like Christmas. It keeps getting better as Lucia gets older too. She helped us put all the ornaments up, joined in on the holiday songs and she is just so thoroughly excited that we can’t help but […]


 The holidays are nothing without family and friends, so what I look forward to most is the feeling of togetherness: catching up with my sister over coffee and shopping, playing floor hockey with my nieces and nephews, sharing a great big meal over a round table looking at the smiling faces of people I love. It’s no […]


 Happy Tuesday! Shades of camel and tan with my current favorite denim. Hope you had a great start to your week and thanks for stopping by! *** Blouse ($40! here | also like this dress for $35 here) Coat (here | similar styles priced high to low: in wool and cashmere here, here for $395 and here for $220) Jeans (here on sale now or […]

Pearl detail

 Good morning and happy Monday! We had SO much fun this past weekend! Two birthday parties, a holiday festival in town, dinner with friends and a long list of errands. But it was so action-packed there was no such thing as “re-charging” for the week ahead. And the to-do list for the holidays is ever-growing. […]


 Good morning and happy December! Heading into a weekend filled with birthday parties, friends and a whole lot of nonstop fun. Won’t be the most relaxing one, but I don’t mind it at all. TGIF! Hope you had a wonderful week and great weekend ahead. *** Check coat (here | I found  similar ones for $135 […]

All gray

 All gray on a sunny, almost-winter day. I know it’s not yet December (close enough!) but I already feel behind in my Christmas shopping for family and friends. We’ve been big fan of giving experiences over the last few years, but I always love wrapping something tangible… Here are some of my favorite gift pairings: A night […]


 Good morning and happy Tuesday! When I joined Biossance at their lab last month, I had the honor of creating my own custom blend of essential oils with 100% Squalane for today, Giving Tuesday. My blend has Bergamot, Neroli, Lavender and a touch of Frankincense – I love it! Biossance is pledging 100% of proceeds from sales […]


 Good morning and happy Monday! Sipping on some coffee and daydreaming about getting our tree sometime soon! Aside from starting my holiday gift shopping, I got in some online shopping for myself and ordered a few things over the weekend (woohoo!): This midi-length silk dress (going to try it in both blue and red and […]


 Going all-out in midnight blue with rich velvet and cozy textures for the holidays, from Ann Taylor’s newest collection. This blazer is even more gorgeous in person, perfect for my festive night out with friends. I also picked up the matching velvet pant – love having the option to match it or wear the pieces separately (I […]

Polka Dots

 Three things I’ve been crazy about in one look: berets (I also picked one up in gray), polka dots (I can’t wait to wear this dress again and I love my new pumps from Nordstrom’s Designer Collections), and belting my coats. It’s all in there today, that and the kitchen sink, ha! Switching out my pumps […]

Casual Tuesday

 Battling a cold right now so between my sneezing fits and stuffed up nose I’m wrapping myself up in this cozy blanket scarf. My husband had the same cold before me so I know I’m up for an interesting few days ahead! Items I’ve worn over the last few months are finally on sale, I’ve rounded […]


 It’s that time of year again: SALE season! I always have my eye on a few things hoping that they’ll make it to a markdown (or two) which would make it that much sweeter of a find for me. I’m a deal-finder at heart, that’s for sure! Here’s what’s on my holiday wishlist (at 40% […]