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    Last from Hawaii

    I’m trying to figure out how two weeks
    have gone by since our trip to Oahu…

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    Wearing my most playful pair of sandals…

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    Living in flats lately and
    today’s outfit is no different…

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Thursday Things 02

9to5chic-desk-1 Good morning and happy Thursday! A few things this week:

  • De-cluttering the household is always a “work-in-progress.” One of the best parts about moving was moving on from many of the unimportant things that we had accumulated over the years. Working hard to continue this “life after clutter” moment and hoping that it’s not a fleeting one, ha. The motivation is there!
  • Nap or no nap? That is the question of the hour. Lucia (now 4), is struggling between taking on the fun activities of a little kid (camps, longer pre-school days, etc), but having to sacrifice her much-loved naptime as a result. A tired 4-year-old is no fun at all and the first few times she missed her nap there were definitely some drama-filled evenings!
  • Speaking of drama… I have been loving voluminous sleeves like this one that I wore recently and have been trying to find ways to add more to my closet. This black dress looks like the perfect vacation dress in cotton poplin. This one is also a fun one in bright, bright pink, plus it’s only $35. Oh, and I did add another white one to my closet: in cotton poplin for $79.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!


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Everyday Ballet

12345 Lucia got her fill of ballet this summer with a number of ballet camps and classes. Seeing her put on her ballet shoes reminded me of mine from when I was young and practiced at a little studio in Fremont with a wonderful woman named Yoko. All of those years taught me that how you carried yourself was an expression in and of itself.

Decades removed from those pirouettes but still in love with the movement, I was excited to meet the Raymond Weil team recently and learned that they had partnered with Repetto for the Raymond Weil Shine x Repetto collection: their signature Swiss luxury timepieces paired with interchangeable straps crafted in Repetto leather. A perfect match, in my opinion! Both are still family-owned businesses celebrating craftsmanship and are symbols for elegance and movement. Sharing my #EverdayBallet look today with ballet pink straps from the collection.


Watch – Raymond Weil (here and Repetto leather strap here | also love the simplicity of this style and the decadence of this style. Also love the bracelet on the Tango collection, especially this simple style here and this two-tone style here)
Jacket – Theory (here)
Blouse – Theory (similar here)
Skirt – Helmut Lang (similar here for less)
Flats – Roger Vivier (here in taupe)
Bag – Cuyana (here)


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Alaska (Three)

124 Exploring Alaska with my little one – a FOUR-YEAR-OLD now(!). She’s opinionated about what she wears (dresses, always – not sure how I managed to get her in just a top and pants for this day!), how her hair is done (I clearly need to work on my braiding skills), and which stuffed animal joins her for the day/nap/sleeptime. But other than that, she is the sweetest and we are so proud. She’s mostly excited to be 4 because she’s not a little girl anymore (“can my friends sit in my lap now that I’m four?”)!

Hope you’re off to a great start to your week. Back home and back at it today!!


Dress – Rachel Comey (here | similar styles for less: here, here and here)
Jacket – Gap (40% off here)
Sneakers – Kenneth Cole (here)
Crossbody/waist bag – Lo & Sons (here)
Lips – Rose Violine (here)


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