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    Last from Hawaii

    I’m trying to figure out how two weeks
    have gone by since our trip to Oahu…

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    Wearing my most playful pair of sandals…

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    Living in flats lately and
    today’s outfit is no different…

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 Pulling out an old polo-style top after seeing a few styles catch my eye in new arrivals sections of stores I frequent (see below!). Have you been watching the Olympics? We have been glued to the TV watching athletes in all sports – always inspiring to watch. My favorite? Figure skating, of course! Hope you had a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Top (old by 10 Crosby Derek Lam | similar styles: a sporty one here, a dramatic sleeved version here and a sweet dress version here)
Coat (sold out | love this similar one by the same brand)
Pant (here on sale for $209 + 20% off)
Purse (bought it here | styles still available on consignment: here, here and here)
Bracelet (here)
Heels (if I didn’t already have the pair I’m wearing, I would buy this pair here)


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Springtime Mule

Loafers (here, here and here)

I’ve been so completely moved by all of the messages, comments and outreach after my last post. Thank you a million times for your kind words, for sharing your experiences too, and for demonstrating how much love and compassion we have for each other as women. So much gratitude.

I’m thrilled that it’s Friday – it has been a nonstop week and there is never enough sleep. After getting some work done this morning I’ll be taking the rest of the afternoon off! Time to catch up on some reading, take Lucia and the dogs on a walk and maybe, maybe indulge in some online shopping. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

PS: My edit of consignment finds is now updated here!

In my cart right now:


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The ‘M’ Word

 It’s been almost 3 months since we got rear-ended on the freeway and we finally have our car back from the repair shop. It is just a car but what it really is, is closure on a personal matter. Because on the very morning of the car accident, I had taken an at-home pregnancy test and gotten the “Pregnant” news. I had already felt some changes in my body which prompted me to take the test. Validated. And ecstatic. Second time around means my instincts are right, right?

Well, fast forward to a (stressful) week or two after the accident and I woke up in the early morning to cramping. A whole lot of cramping. I guess my instincts were right, but my mind and my heart pushed it aside. I lay in bed for a few hours to avoid the trip to the bathroom…

Miscarriage is common. But you never really think it’ll happen to you. What followed: weeks of sadness and anger, a month of dealing with the physical symptoms, and multiple trips to the doctor and lab for follow-up. And my experience was on the easy side – I was only 6 weeks pregnant after all.

I mentioned my miscarriage in an earlier post in January, but wasn’t ready to tackle it in words just yet. But I’m ready now. I’m guilty of one of my main takeways from the experience: why don’t we talk about it more? If it is so common, why is it so commonly a secret? Let’s change that, once and for all.

Thinking of all the mamas who have experienced this and sending all my love. xx


Sweater (here)
Skirt (bought it here | similar styles priced high to low: here for $17, this one will sell out because it’s only $55, here for $168 and here for $248)
Denim Jacket (old but got it here | similar here for $148)
Heels (bought it here | on consignment here and in black here)
Purse (found an olive green version on consignment for $740 here)
Earrings (here)


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