Wearing Now: The Workwear Staple & A Beauty Question

February 8, 2011
Blouse – Zara
Pencil skirt – Prada
Heels – Yves Saint Laurent
Sunglasses – Prada

Blouse & skirt, the workwear staple.  It’s simple, it’s easy and between all of the blouses and pencil skirts I’ve collected over the years, there are about a bajillion combinations to try.  And if you don’t believe me, just scroll through a few pages of my Wearing Now tag!  You can tell which days are pretty serious office days too – I tend to keep my jewelry and accessories limited and/or nonexistent when I mean business. =)

I also wanted to ask my lovely readers about some beauty business today, namely, EYE CREAMS!  I’m a total zero when it comes to eye creams and I know that many of you out there are bonafide experts.  Can you share with me your favorite nighttime eye cream??  I’m looking for something that’s going to protect me from the daily rubbing/tugging/wiping that goes on (no matter how conscious I am to limit it).  It’s dawned on me that I’m turning 28 in a little over a month and *gasp* dare I say I’m starting to feel… hmmmm

In need of a GOOD EYE CREAM!  😉

Hope you’re having a great week!