Wearing Now: Weekend Flares

March 28, 2011
Blouse – Zara
Jacket – H&M
Faux leather vest – courtesy of Alainn Bella
Jeans – Duke and Duchess
Scarf – H&M
Ring – courtesy of CC SKYE
Ring (band) – H&M
Purse – Gucci
Heels – Giuseppe Zanotti
Sunglasses – D&G courtesy of Sunglass Hut

Last week:

  • A swanky CU Alumni Event at the Legion of Honor (and hubby got to meet their new football head coach – big deal, friends, big deal!)
  • An evening glass of wine with Dejana – excited to see what she brings to the city, after shooting street style in Toronto for the last year!
  • Amazing tapas dinner with 3.5 of my lady friends in Palo Alto (the 0.5 happens to account for the cutest little lady, Mia.  Not yet 4 years old and already learning the meaning of a girls dinner night out!)
  • Lovely weekend with the in-laws, which meant we ate, ate, and ate our hearts out.  My mother-in-law beat us all in our NCAA Basketball tourney pool.  Don’t know if it hurts more that I lost or that we’ve already been able to determine the winner before the final four even begins their games. Ouch!

Happy Sunday!