Weekend Wear: Pleated Skirt

April 3, 2011
Sweater – All Saints
Skirt – Zara
Belt – Urban Outfitters
Scarf – Nordstrom, gift from mother-in-law!
Necklace – Forever21
Rings – courtesy of CC SKYE, H&M
Booties – Givenchy
Sunglasses – Prada

Phew – it’s the WEEKEND!  Last week was pretty brutal for me, I flew from SF to Chicago to Savannah and back to SF by way of DC.  It was entirely productive though, and the working-woman inside of me is quite pleased. 

My dogs and hubby were not so pleased. =)

I originally posted pictures of this skirt here.  It was finally sunny enough to pull them out for the day and I love it!  I sent a reader a picture of the tag to help her locate one and if you ever have a question with the style name/number or tag of an item, please email me.  I’m always happy to help! (And I’ve learned that it’s smart to keep tags around for a while, just in case I get the question…)

(That reminds me, several of you have asked about my D&G sunnies – the link to the style number is here.)  =)

Happy weekend everyone!