Wearing Now: Lace & Pleats

May 16, 2011

Lace top & bustier – H&M 

Pleated skirt – Zara
Belt – J.Crew
Necklace – Forever21
Heels – Alaia
Purse – Chanel
Rings – H&M

*Just re-posting the post that Blogger deleted

Another outfit from my Palm Springs getaway last week.  I’m beyond thrilled that a couple of my favorite bloggers, Jean and Dylana recently posted similar outfits too, each with their own unique and lovely spin on it.  This is why I heart the blog world.  🙂

Today I’m off to a give a presentation at a pretty major conference – suffice it to say I’m a little out of my league here!  But. Giving it my all, regardless, cuz that’s what I do.  That’s all anyone can do, right? 🙂