Wearing Now: Taupe

July 12, 2011
Sweater – courtesy of Alainn Bella
Pants – courtesy of Alainn Bella
Necklaces – courtesy of Albeit and Sheyna
Bracelet – Club Monaco
Box Chain Bracelets – courtesy of Towne & Reese
Ring – H&M 
Sunglasses – D&G, courtesy of Sunglass Hut
Heels – Miu Miu
Purse – Chanel

5 Things I’ve been wearing nonstop (if it weren’t already obvious…):

  1. Estee Lauder lipstick in Bitten Fig (new all-time favorite color!)
  2. Albeit Initial “A” necklace
  3. Club Monaco bracelet with Towne & Reese box chain bracelets
  4. H&M simple rounded ring (looking for a higher quality replacement – any ideas?)
  5. D&G Sunglasses, style 3061  

But apparently the sunglasses can stay in their case for now – SF is grayer, mistier and colder than ever!   What are a few things you’ve been wearing nonstop?