What’s in my Travel Bag (Part II)

November 30, 2011

I must admit that vacation traveling (and in particular, beach vacation traveling) is 978359825 times easier than city packing (and in particular, winter city packing), so this post may not be as helpful as I’d hoped.  Anyhow, here’s what I brought with me to La Amada:

  • 3 Tunics: these make for the easiest on/off beach cover-ups.  From top left, starting with the white tunic: UniQueen, Zara, H&M
  • 3 Blouses: 9to5 or not, I’m a blouse girl through and through.  Chambray top Levi’s, White sheer blouse AlainnBella, Floral blouse Zara.
  • 4 Bottoms. Mini skirt Zara, Denim shorts Siwy, Cut-off denim shorts Forever21, Polka dot pants H&M
  • 2 Dresses: Yellow Zara dress, Long H&M dress
  • 7 Swimsuits, individually packed in small ziploc bags (they’re also stored this way at home). 
  • Sedu Flat Iron: my hair tends to get quite frizzy, so I used it in the evenings before stepping out for dinner
  • Liquids in my ziploc bag (the usual suspects of face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen…)
  • Sephora Make-up bag (might be time for an update on this as I’ve added several new products to my arsenal!)
  • Neutrogena make-up wipes
  • J.Crew Sandals (officially my best summer buy?)
  • Tumi “T” Tech 4-wheel, 19″ carry-on suitcase (similar here): I may or may not have already babbled about how much I love this suitcase.  But I must say, at nearly 70,000 miles of traveling to date this year alone, they are the slickest wheels in the airport and make running around a total breeze.  Not to mention the hard shell protects everything I’ve packed.

That’s it for the second and final installment of “What’s in my Travel Bag” (find the first one here)!  Hope you enjoyed! 🙂