40 Weeks: Looking Back

July 27, 2013

What a journey it’s been so far!  Now that I’ve reached 40 weeks+, I wanted to share some of my pregnancy wardrobe MVPs:

  • This black dress.  It became my go-to dress for all occasions.  And, because I bought it early on in my pregnancy I was so pleased to find that it continued to fit me as my bump grew. (Unfortunately the version I have is long-sleeved, but this is the short-sleeved equivalent).
  • These jeans.  Jeans ultimately became too uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, but for the first 30 or so weeks of pregnancy, I lived in these.
  • This striped dress (now on sale under $35!).  It doesn’t seem logical to wear horizontal stripes as you experience your body growing wider and wider, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get enough of stripes.  I was happy to have sized up for this dress because it was perfect for those body conscious days.
  • Skirts.  Stretchy tube skirts are the way to go after 30 weeks – I can’t believe it took me so long to buy more, they’re seriously the best!
  • These flats.  Since I knew was going to have to live in flats for the remainder of my pregnancy, I splurged on a pair I knew I would love wearing – and it was so worth it!  I didn’t have to dread another day in flats. 
  • These sunglasses.  My makeup routine got considerably simpler as time went by, and more often than ever before I stepped out with practically no makeup at all.  I loved hiding behind my sunnies on those days.
  • This lipstick.  Even as I wore less and less makeup, lipstick was the one thing that instantly perked me up. 
Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I’m still waiting to meet the little one – hoping she makes her arrival soon! 🙂