Lucia in Maui

June 12, 2015

1 2 A little while back I had asked for advice regarding traveling with a toddler and you were so helpful with your comments, emails and messages! Thank you!!!

Adding a few tips and tricks of my own, now that we’ve had our first experience:

  • Timing! We made a rookie mistake on our return flight schedule and booked a 3:30pm local time flight that got us into SFO at 11:30pm local time. Lucia refused to sleep the entire flight (it was challenging, for sure!). After waiting for our gate-checked stroller, baggage claim for the car seat and bag, taking air tran to our parked car and then loading and re-installing the car seat, we didn’t make it home til 1:30am. She fell asleep the instant she was in her car seat and transitioned easily to her crib once we were home, but I still felt terrible and we all paid for that unplanned mega-shift in her sleeping schedule. We’re still working on shifting back to normal hours; it’s a work in progress. On the other hand, our outbound flight was 11:30am – perfectly timed with her nap time so she fell asleep for the first hour and a half of the flight! She was so happy and pleasant the rest of the way.
  • Umbrella stroller! It’s worth the haul when you need to get from point A to point B in a hurry. We almost didn’t travel with one and I’m so glad we didn’t make that mistake. We ended up buying this one – it’s only 10 lbs!
  • Just do it! She’s nearing her 2nd birthday (after which we’ll need to pay for an airplane seat!) and we’re wondering why we waited so long to vacation with her – it was an absolute blast!!!

Anyways, I’ve squeezed in what feels like a full weeks’ worth of work in a matter of days (out of necessity!) this week. But Maui was definitely worth it!

Happy Friday and hope you have a  great weekend!


Dress – J.Crew (here)
Sandals – Vince (here)
Hat – Janessa Leone (here)
Purse – Building Block thanks to Goldyn (here)
Sunglasses – Celine (similar here)
Lucia’s dress – J.Crew (on sale here)
Lucia’s sandals – See Kai Run (here)
Lucia’s hat – Gap (here)