On Oil

March 16, 2016 Sponsored

DSC_5010 copyDSC_4880-3DSC_5017 copyDSC_4928-2 In my teens and early twenties, my oily skin and monthly breakouts taught me one thing, and one thing only: oil-free everything. Has that thinking changed, or has my skin changed? Possibly both? I’ve been trained over the years to seek out “oil-free” or products deemed “for oily skin,” without realizing (or understanding) that my skin has changed in recent years, and especially after baby. I did some reading about facial oils, which helped me overcome my fear of oil and oil products on my skin. Rave reviews from friends and colleagues helped too. Armed with new information, I recently gave three oils a test drive:

  • this one which has retinol and blue tansy: It was a brand I’d heard great things about here and there and finally gave it a try.
  • this one made of pure lotus extract: soothing and spa-like. It’s made entirely of pure plant extracts and zero preservatives.
  • this one of prickly pear & algae, but without parabens and sulfates. I won’t pretend to know a lot about those two ingredients, but I know enough that I have been making more of an effort to find products that don’t have them.

A friend recently visited and commented that my skin was glowing – and I honestly hadn’t heard that since I was pregnant! I love the dewiness it gives my skin (as an immediate benefit) and the overall appearance of my skin every morning just feels, well, healthier! Of these three, I think this one is probably my favorite so far (plus I just love how it smells!). What about you – have you given facial oil a try?

More oils on my list to try: