Thursday Things 03

August 24, 2017

fall-suede-loafers-1 Already Thursday?! Another week is flying by. Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

  1. Sometimes, I watch TV. GoT. I don’t even need to write it all out, right? I’m obsessed, but sad that it’s all coming to an end so quickly! My hubby read all of the books once we caught up to the series a few seasons back but I couldn’t get get into it – easier watched than read in my opinion (it got in my head so much more while I was reading it… I was a little scared!).
  2. But I almost always listen to classical music. A little known secret: I love listening to the symphony while I drive now. It’s therapeutic! Lucia thinks she has it all figured out: “when I’m a mommy, I’m going to listen to the symphony too!”
  3. Shopping, though, is a given. I recently added these $35 pants to my closet (which are casual enough to take the place of jeans, but still polished enough to… not be jeans, ha!) and I have an insane wishlist going – I love Fall and all the Fall clothes!!! Here’s whats on my list:



Suede loafers – The Row (found them on sale here – final sale though! also available full price in velvet here | similar style for $109 here)