Thursday Things 06

November 23, 2017

at home cozy A few thoughts on this Thanksgiving…

  • We were in a car accident on the freeway (the other driver didn’t see that traffic in our lane was slowing to a stop and just blew into us, ripping the back corner of the car off!). It was a timely reminder for what’s truly important today on Thanksgiving (and every day): the health and safety of loved ones, family and friends.
  • I’ve mentioned a few times recently that my older dog is 15 years old. She’s been showing her age more and more every day… Thankful to have every day with her and our younger dog. They were in the car with us when we got in the accident and luckily they were not harmed (they were in their travel bag).
  • Hoping to spend the rest of the weekend cozying up with Lucia and my hubby. That’s what holiday weekends are for, right?

Wishing you and your loved ones a very special, happy Thanksgiving. xx


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