December 11, 2017 Sponsored

 Good morning and happy Monday! I’d like you to meet someone special today: my gorgeous cousin Han (silly fact: our names are composed of the same three letters, scrambled!). We grew up together in the Bay Area having sleepovers, playing games, Barbie, you name it! And as we got into our teens, in college and as women now: just talking with each other. About everything. In recent years, she’s joined me in New York for one of my fashion week trips, I joined her in Paris during her almost-2 year stint there, and even though she lives in LA now, we still make time for each other as often as possible. I’ve been lucky to have her as family and as a close friend, that’s for sure!

Today on the blog, I’m celebrating her. Taking a moment to bring a little joy to one of my favorite women because she makes this time of year so much fun. She’s the most sincere and kindest person I know – she always thinks of others before thinking of herself. Because we’re spending Christmas apart, we spent the day together recently to get in our holiday time with each other. We picked up this lovely ribbed chenille scarf and the matching beanie at LOFT for her in the prettiest shade of pink – it’s exactly the touch of texture that I love for the holiday season. The perfect gift for my sweet baby cousin! And in LOFT’s latest comfy denim and cozy sweaters, the day was filled with girl talk, shopping and good food. Love you Han and thank you LOFT for partnering with me to celebrate her today!


on Han
Sweater (here)
Tee (here)
Jeans (here)
Scarf (here)
Hat (here)

on me
Cardigan (here)
Tee (here)
Jeans (here)
Scarf (here)

More of my favorites from LOFT:

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