Kyoto (One)

January 12, 2018

 23 hours after waking up in San Francisco, we finally made it to Kyoto! And she is worth the wait, that’s for sure. On the list of things we hope to see this time (we crossed a lot off our list last year: see my posts from there: one, two, three, and four): Kikaku-ji (also known as the Golden Temple), Ryoan-ji (the location of the famous Rock Garden), and more walking around downtown and in Gion (never enough time there!). Crossing fingers that Lucia adjusts to the time change easily! Hope you’re having a wonderful week, thanks for visiting!


Sweater (here)
Jeans (40% off! here | also in navy here)
Beret (here)
Loafers (here and here | and given that I wear my loafers constantly, I’m really tempted to finally buy these in this color)
Backpack / Bag (love it!!! here)