Kyoto (Two)

January 15, 2018

┬áBundled up for a brisk but sunny 30-degree day in Kyoto! We visited a few of the temples that we didn’t get to last time, including the Golden Temple, or Kinkaku-ji, and the Rock Garden at Ryoan-ji. Both stunning in their own ways: striking and majestic on one hand, and quiet and minimalistic on the other hand. Definitely glad we crossed them off our list this time around.

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!


Coat (found it on sale here)
Jeans (also bought it on sale here)
Sweater (here)
Scarf (last year | this year’s version here)
Sunglasses (here)
Purse (here)
Sneakers (here)
Cashmere socks (here)