Tokyo (Three)

January 22, 2018

 Good morning and happy Monday!! I’m back from Tokyo and back at it this Monday! Let’s see if I manage to not doze off this afternoon… The first night back was pretty rough, Lucia couldn’t sleep from 10pm til 1am so we’re all due for a good night’s rest tonight.

I’m still processing all of our memories from the trip and will soon have a quick recap of our favorite things to do, places to eat and go. I received a lot of messages that many of you are heading out there this year – do you have any specific questions? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for visiting!


Blouse (still available on sale here and for even less here)
Jeans (here)
Fuzzy cardigan (here also in a neutral dark blush here)
Dior heels (similar styles on consignment: in black suede here; in red patent here; in polka dot mesh like mine here)
Purse (here)