May 1, 2018

 Happiness is… finding the perfect blazer for your perfect pleated midi skirt. What’s better? Finding *said* blazer on designer consignment for a fraction of the price.

I’ve always gotten a lot of questions about shopping consignment online (because I *do* avidly shop that way – it’s a dangerous obsession!). How do I always find the right pieces? How do I score the best prices? So here are a few tips:

  1. I pay for the premium membership. It was a commitment at first, but I was sold (literally) on the early access after seeing so many great pieces labeled as “sold” before I even had a chance to check them out. I’m not sure if it’s still the case (I’m guessing it is…) but I can wholeheartedly say that the membership, for me, is worth it! I’m a deal hunter through and through, so finding designer items (many times with tags attached!) at prices comparable to shopping the full-price contemporary section of a store gives me a total thrill.
  2. I “heart” items to save them for later. I often get e-mails informing me when my “hearted” items have been marked down. My favorite example: the large black Fendi peekaboo bag. I had it saved for months and months. One day, out of the blue, it was marked down by more then $500. It’s a current favorite.
  3. I multi-task. I check out the new daily shopping themes all the time. When I’m in line. When I’m waiting at the doctor’s office. Basically a few moments a day to browse the sales and heart a few things.
  4. Almost everything is 20% all of the time. Don’t forget to use the code of the day!

And finally… when you love something: don’t hesitate. I would describe myself as an impulsive shopper, but when I’m shopping consignment online that multiplies tenfold. For everything other than purses (since those are final sale), I’d rather buy it and try it in person than lose the opportunity for the one-of-a-kind find.

Hope that helps (and thanks to my new friend Kalpana for recently asking me and prompting me to write this!). Happy Tuesday!


Blazer (bought it here; I also found two gray ones here and here | similar styles for less: here and here)
Skirt (found it here by Piazza Sempione | similar here)
Heels (here and here)
Bracelet (here | found a similar cuff style for less here)
Necklace (here)
Purse (here | and similar style for less here)