Back to School

September 10, 2018 Sponsored

Lucia has been dressing herself for a while now – she comes up with the most fun (sometimes outrageously funny) outfits and always finds a way to layer things in new and interesting ways. She has her opinions and I love that. But when it comes to shopping for her, I simplify things by doing it by myself and online. Found this darling polka dotted dress at Nordstrom – one of my favorite finds for her recently! She knows I have an affinity for polka dots so the first things she said when she saw it was “I can match you now!” Made me smile.

Happy Monday and thank you for stopping by!


on Lucia
Dress (here)
Backpack (it’s a few years old and still looks great! here)
Sneakers (here)

on me
Top (here)
Skirt (under $100 here | also just ordered this one for $89 – can’t wait to see it in person!!)
Heels (here)

More back to school finds: