Fall Refresh with Trunk Club

October 12, 2018 Sponsored

¬†Feeling inspired by all things Fall right now! My last trunk from Trunk Club was incredibly successful – my stylist Betsy found an amazing dress (which I wouldn’t have found myself!). It ended up being my favorite dress of the summer and it was an absolute hit. I get so many compliments every time I wear it! Beyond that though, it feels incredible on. She was right on the button on that one! I love that no matter the occasion or request, I can turn to Trunk Club for my styling needs.

With the new season upon us I turned to Betsy at Trunk Club again to help me with a Fall refresh. I wanted her take on the right layering pieces, new Fall styles and transitional pieces. What items will help me feel like I have a new wardrobe (without buying a whole new wardrobe)?

So excited to share this video with you about how amazing it is to talk one-on-one with your personal stylist at Trunk Club. Hope you enjoy!

Looking for a Fall refresh too? Try out Trunk Club here.