October 30, 2018

 One big lifestyle change for us in the last month: we found a wonderful evening babysitter for a weekly date night! It’s possible that we’ve had more date nights in SF in the last month than we have in the past 5 years since Lucia’s birth.


Ok – we have managed to get away for big trips (even long ones like to Vietnam or London) but having something that is ongoing and weekly to help break up the routine of everyday life… well, that’s completely new for us. And completely appreciated.


Sweater (here)
Skirt (here | same gorgeous fabric as this blazer you’ve seen me wear, and will be pairing it with this sweater next)
Loafers (the coolest!! you can flip the logo for silver OR gold! and as always, their shoes are super comfy. here and more sizes here.)
Purse (here)
Bracelet (finally found one on consignment! here)