Spring Skirt

April 8, 2019

 Good morning and happy Monday! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: this is my favorite skirt in a long time. I’ve been wearing it a lot and it pairs with a lot. Super feminine without being fussy or uncomfortable. Worth the investment!

My weekend was a total whirlwind. After 2 days in Dallas with friends, I flew home just in time to celebrate with friends at Dudley Stephens (remember this outfit?) – they reached a big milestone! Over 1,000,000 water bottles have been re-purposed to create their fleece collections since their launch! Amazing. And inspired.


Cardigan (here | similar styles under $100 here and under $50 here and under $15 here)
Skirt (here | similar under $175 here)
Bag (here | also on consignment in black for under $1000 here)
Heels (my friend Robin gave me these – love love love! | found a pair on consignment here)

Foundation (here)
Lips (#535 here and #325 here)
Eyeliner (here)