Denim at Work

August 17, 2019

 The easiest way to make denim feel appropriate at work? Throw a blazer on this! I love the 3-button detail on this pair – it’s high-waisted, has sculpting pockets (never out of place, always smooth!) and the perfect amount of stretch to make it through the day. I’m also a huge fan of this blouse (on sale for $40!).

Do you have weekend plans? We’ll be catching up with friends and laying low for the most part – gearing up for Lucia’s first week of school! Thank you so much for visiting and hope you have a great one!


Blouse (40% off here)
Jeans (40% off here)
Blazer (40% off here | also love this long blazer in gray!)
Heels (40% off here)

More favorites on sale (ends Sunday night!):