Light Camel

September 27, 2019

 Good morning and happy Friday! Last weekend I spent the day at Create & Cultivate and got a lot of questions about my outfit: I was wearing the same trousers and tank above with this blazer. The flats that I wore were my go-to for the last year, restocked here. I’m going to be wearing these trousers a lot (I love, love the color – light camel colored pants are tough sometimes but this one definitely works) and for today only it’s on sale here.

I definitely took it easy this week and I’m starting to feel a little better! It’s shocking what you can do when you prioritize your health – even simple things like sleeping earlier make a difference! Hope you had a wonderful week and an even better weekend ahead! Thanks for stopping by!


Blazer (here and here | also F&F sale just started so 25% off here!)
Trousers (last day it’ll be on sale here and also available here | also F&F sale just started so 25% off here!)
Shoes (similar for less here and it’s on sale til tonight only)
Purse (here)
Tank (still available here, I sized up to a Medium)

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