October 29, 2019

For me, a weekend on the deck is a weekend well spent. We’ve only been enjoying our newly completed deck for a few short months but we’ve definitely made the most of it! We play games here, eat lunch here, and enjoy our evening glass of wine here after Lucia goes to bed. It feels like a sanctuary – there’s no need to leave! Just a few things have made it feel like a sanctuary: a large umbrella (the deck gets far too much sun exposure, we have no idea it took us this long to get one!), a few pillows, a throw blanket and some plants. We’re considering outdoor lighting and an outdoor heater for evenings too. What have you added to your outdoor space that has made the most impact? Would love to hear!


Sweater (here | similar styles here and here)
Sweater (tied around shoulders here)
Jeans (here)
Bracelet (here)
Outdoor couch (here)
Pillow (here)

More cozy inspo this way: