March 30, 2020

My nighttime routine has been a source of comfort for me during these recent days and weeks.

I know it’s not recommended, but I take in a lot of my news at night (after Lucia has gone to bed my husband and I finally feel like we can freely discuss the news and events of the day). The alternative is a no-go for me: I fully intend to keep myself informed even as it fills me with worry, anger or sadness.

(Usually all three, if I’m being honest.)

My routine in a few steps:

A warm shower with this almond shower oil. This face oil. This meditation app (start with the basics course). The shower oil feels soothing on my skin. The face oil makes my face glow and its smell relaxes me instantly. And listening to the meditation app helps me quiet my thoughts, focusing on the present. It is a sensory trifecta!

Hope you had a nice weekend staying home, staying safe. Thank you for stopping by!


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