August 23, 2020

Re-sharing from my Instagram post on Friday here.

16 days ago… I found out I was pregnant.

7 days ago… I found out my pregnancy was not progressing normally. Because of my prior 2 miscarriages my doctor was tracking things closely.

3 days ago… I was treated for an ectopic pregnancy to prevent a rupture.

Heartbroken, nauseous and dizzy but taking it day by day. I’ve talked about my miscarriages before but this is a whole other thing and I can’t quite process how I feel yet. It’s a lot.

I did, however, get an extra, extra long hug from Lucia today and *that* was wonderful.


I don’t have the words to describe what this experience has been like for me just yet… but I am overwhelmed by the kindness, care and love sent my way through that post. Thank you, thank you a million times. You all have brought me so much comfort and strength over the weekend, especially on the day where the physical pain from this experience got so much harder for me. It means a lot.