Ho Chi Minh City

March 8, 2023

Here we go! Lucia and I have joined my parents for their first visit back to Vietnam since they left over 50 years ago. Bucket list experience with my parents!!! I’m especially thrilled that Lucia is with me for this special trip – we needed this extra mother-daughter bonding time, particularly since Kellan was born. In the game of “parental divide and conquer,” I have often defaulted to Kellan duty (I am the only one who can breastfeed him after all!).

I’ll be sharing more each day – thank you so much for stopping by!


Denim jacket (I wore this pretty much every day! here, here and here and here)
Dress (here; last seen here while I was pregnant! Love this bright yellow one here)
Sandals (here and here)
Bag (here)