May 11, 2023

Kellan just turned 1 but there was another big milestone that didn’t get nearly as much fanfare on his birthday: our one year of breastfeeding and his graduation from formula to milk. Everyone’s feeding journey is different and valid – our own combo feeding journey was not straightforward and had its challenges (hello, cow’s milk protein allergy!), but reflecting back on the last year, we are SO grateful to have been able to continue breastfeeding – we estimate he gets about 10oz per day from me. And we are equally grateful that formula was able to step in and support us in our journey so he could THRIVE. Fed *is* best! As soon as we started supplementing (under the direction of our pediatrician), he started putting on weight, crying less and sleeping longer. It was obvious that my supply wasn’t enough – he was just hungry! And now, a year later, it’s time to graduate. You and me, Enfamil, we did it! 🥳 

PS: We got so many of our baby essentials including our Enfamil Nutramigen Ready-to-Pour formula here – their fast shipping saved us on many occasions 😅