August 24, 2023

You’ve been seeing me wear their clothes for a few months now (like here and here), so it’s about time I formally introduce you to British brand ME+EM (now available in the US!). At first glance on their website you’ll understand why I love it: beautiful, functional, classic-meets-modern aesthetic. And, why I continue to wear it: comfortable, investment-worthy and versatile pieces. This merino cashmere vest is luxe and elegant (will pair with a tissue-weight turtleneck perfectly as it gets colder) and the boucle jacket has the perfect texture, blending cozy with polished in an effortless way. I’m wishlisting this jacket for my next Fall purchase!

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Boucle jacket (here)
Merino cashmere vest (here)
Joggers (love the elastic waistband! I would size down one size; here)

Sponsored by ME+EM