Best Fall Layer

November 25, 2023

There are a lot of favorites in this outfit, so let’s break it down, shall we?

  • the absolute best fall layer, the piece that will be replacing my white tank tops this season: the tissue turtleneck. I’ve washed this one a million times and it still looks so good, keeps its stretch and feels wonderful on. I even bought two more because they’re 25% off right now (a rare sitewide sale) and because I know I’ll be wearing it with nearly every outfit.
  • the cropped wool jacket. Such an effortlessly casual chic style. It feels at once vintage and modern. They just restocked this color (mottled beige) – it had sold out when it launched!
  • the midi denim skirt. I rarely reach for my jeans anymore because this just feels easy and right for right now. It’s under $100 plus use code ANH20 for an additional 20% off.
  • classic ballet flats. Love this color version!
  • shaping shorts. I love wearing these with any skirt or dress. Not too tight and comfortable for all day wear.

Happy weekend!