Winter White

January 5, 2024

Good morning! Fresh off a week in the Pacific Northwest, we’re back home and easing back into the normal swing of things. First order of business: get Kellan back on his normal schedule! And then I will appreciate the extra time at night catching up on a lot of work. The holiday season was extra sweet with our toddler (who now recognizes any image or likeness of Santa and will say “Santa!” when he sees him) and Lucia (who showers him with attention). And we were happy to be able to see both our families this year!


Trousers (here and on sale here for $98)
Cashmere turtleneck (on sale here and here on sale in brown)
Jacket (you’ve seen me wear the same jacket here in the reversible brown! here and similar here for less)
Slingback pumps (here and here)
Bag (there’s a gold one here)