On Motherhood

July 10, 2019

 On the subject of motherhood…

There are literally thousands, millions of topics to explore. But today I was hoping to address one of them (something I have been asked by readers many times): whether we intend to have only one child or not.

The short answer is: I would love to have a second child and to experience motherhood all over again.

Lucia’s infancy was a veritable blur. The newness, the adventures (they could fill a whole book with real comedy), the overwhelming sense of happiness and worry all in one. If I got to experience it a second time, I would do my best to savor each and every moment, truly.

We had a miscarriage almost two years ago (I wrote about that here). And since then, I have seen too many “negatives” on the little test than I care to count. There is real disappointment and sadness surrounding this, and I know it is an experience that all too many women share in common with me.

I come from a family of two children; my husband’s parents had four. We always loved the idea of having two children. But here is where I think I’m at: we are so lucky to have Lucia and if it doesn’t work out for us then I will count my blessings and do my best to raise this little girl to be a caring, kind citizen of the world.

That she could be an only child shouldn’t really matter.



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