IVF Day 5

November 29, 2020

Hello and happy weekend!

I am on day 5 of my IVF cycle! The first several days of injections were stressful, whew! Making sure everything remains sterile, syringes are properly used, steps are followed… let’s just say I realized we weren’t even injecting it in the “ideal” area (we injected the first four at my belly button level when they’re supposed to be below the belly button level) and we still can’t manage to get everything into the syringe without getting air bubbles in it. But these are all manageable challenges and we are getting better at it every time.

And on Saturday I received good news: although we were uncertain for a day or two, everything was progressing as expected. Such a relief. This has definitely been a roller coaster like everyone said it would be – and I’m only 6 days in(!). Staying hopeful.

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you have a great start to your week!

PS: My big shopping haul this past weekend includes: this wrapping paper (it’s where I get my wrapping supplies nearly every holiday); these slippers for Lucia; and for a special toddler this boxed set (it was Lucia’s favorite for several years). More of my gift ideas and sale shopping at the end of my post here.


Cashmere cardigan (30% off here)
Skirt (40% off here)
Bag (here)
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